If we fell in love with shelties, this little guy is responsible for it.He no longer thinks he is a dog and when he is put in the pen with the other dogs he acts as if we were banishing him to prison. I had him neutered as he is a very tiny sheltie (12 inches ) and didn't think I should breed him.. Pistache is excellent in agility and has an outgoing personality. He dives from the diving board at the cottage and loves to sit in the front of the boat. All the cottagers at the lake know our Shelties and bring any visitors for a boat ride past our cottage to see the dogs run around.
Pistache's favorite place to be is in the house .
At the cottage waiting for the boats to come by.
Pistache finally got a pal when we purchased Bonnyville's Jewel (Perline). He and her are great pals.